Author Topic: How to create a helical pipe/coil in Gambit?  (Read 10547 times)

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How to create a helical pipe/coil in Gambit?
« on: May 12, 2012, 01:56:03 PM »
I want to make helical pipe/coil using Gambit. I dont see any function for making helical coil in it. Can any one tell me how it can be done?


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Re: How to create a helical pipe/coil in Gambit?
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2012, 01:56:47 PM »
Helical coil is often used in mixing tanks or other applications. How to quickly create such structure in Gambit is a frequently asked question.

Attached file is a journal file, which shows how to create helical pipe in Gambit 2.1. Please save that file in your gambit working directory
as "helical.jou".
(1) Open gambit and go to the File/Run Journal panel, pick up "edit and run" option and pick up the file just saved. Click "Accept" to open that
journal file.
(2) Move mouse cursor to the file text area, right click the mouse button, a drop-down panel will show and choose "Select all" option.
(3) Click "Step" option" on the screen and run journal file step by step. You will see how a helical geometry is created.

The basic procedure includes:

(1) create cylinder tank.
(2) create three vertices and create two edges using those vertices.
(3) create a flat helical face using twist sweep option.
(4) create a small circle, which will be the pipe cut plane. And move it to the right location.
(5) Sweep that small circle along with the outer edge of the flat helical face.
(6) delete the flat helical face.
(7) do splitting if necessary.

---------------------Gambit 2.1 journal file----------------------------

volume create height 3 radius1 1 radius3 1 offset 0 0 1.5 zaxis frustum
vertex create coordinates 0 0 -1
vertex create coordinates 0 0 4
vertex create coordinates 0.8 0 -1
edge create straight "vertex.3" "vertex.5"
edge create straight "vertex.3" "vertex.4"
face create rotate "edge.3" onedge "edge.4" twist 3600
face create radius 0.1 zxplane circle
face move "face.5" offset 0.8 0 -1
volume create rotate "face.5" onedge "edge.6" draft 0 extended
face delete "face.4" lowertopology
volume split "volume.1" volumes "volume.2" connected
window modify shade
window modify volume "volume.1" invisible
window modify visible
window modify noshade