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Error: mpirun_mpid version mismatch


When trying to launch CFX 14 in parallel you get the following error: Error: mpirun_mpid version mismatch.

Please help.

CFX Distributed Parallel in ANSYS CFX 13 uses HP-MPI while CFX Distributed Parallel in ANSYS CFX 14 uses PCMPI. These different installations of MPI can have a conflict when installed on the same Windows machine. To avoid such a conflict, be sure to follow the installation instructions that appear during Platform MPI installation. "

The only workaround is to unset or delete MPI_ROOT. This should allow CFX-13.0 and CFX-14.0 to run independently.

To Remove this Variable

Open up Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables. The MPI_ROOT will be in the System Variables. Delete this variable.


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