Author Topic: non newtonian viscosity problem  (Read 7627 times)

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non newtonian viscosity problem
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:23:50 AM »
Dear all,
I am simulating the problem of blood flow through an artery in 2D considering laminar flow. For this I am using the Walburn and Scneck model to define the blood viscosity using the equation:
mu_lam=K*(strain)^(n-1), where K=14.67*10^(-3) and n=0.7755. In order to define the viscosity I am using the following UDF:
#include "udf.h"
double mu_lam;
double strain;
double muinf = 14.67e-3;
double n = .7755;
strain = pow(C_DUDX(c, t),2)+ pow(C_DVDY(c, t),2)+
2*pow(C_DUDY(c, t)+ C_DVDX(c, t),2)+
2*pow(C_DUDZ(c, t),2)+
2*pow(C_DVDZ(c, t),2);
strain = pow(strain, 0.5);
strain =fabs(strain);
return mu_lam;
But, once I try to solve it the solver gives the error: Divergence detected in the AMG solver.
Please help me...